des femmes

des femmes, defamed...

No she is NOT

Laura Bush is no more a feminist than are Phyllis Schlafly or the shills of the IWF.

For the second time that I know of--how many other young women have been duped?--someone has marvelled on their blog about Laura Bush.

You've been had. Forget what comes out of the mouth; watch the hands.

Who is Laura Bush married to? I'm not going to cite the reasons I think George Bush is despicable. If you think he isn't, you might as well click away right now.

Could *you* look yourself in the eye if you were married to him? Don't say what a man does for a living has nothing to do with his personal life. By staying married to someone like that, you're condoning his actions. Lie down with dogs...

There are lots of reasons why women stay with contemptible shits like George Bush:

  • She's afraid he'll come after her.
  • She doesn't know where to go.
  • She's afraid of losing her kids.
  • She's afraid he'll hurt the kids.
  • Her pastor tells her it's her Christian duty.
  • She has no money.
  • Her "friends" tell her she'd be crazy to give up her nice house and social position.
  • She thinks his behavior is all her fault.
  • She's been beaten down so long she can't even imagine the possibility of leaving.

Tell me which of those reasons apply to Laura Bush. I've looked at her and read about her, and the only one I can even imagine being correct is that she'd lose her social position. Her social position. She wouldn't be out on the street. She wouldn't have to beg anyone to help her pay off her divorce.

Feminist my ass.

Annual post

No, I haven't started or joined a feminist blog elsewhere.

I haven't blogged because it takes so long for me to write something comprehensible, and other projects have been taking up my time.

It's hard to keep up the fury, too, even though it simmers underneath all the time.

Then there's this horrible "Am I the only one who sees the problem here?" feeling. I do not understand the glee of calling oneself a slut or a whore or a pimp, of joking about porn.