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Roses, rings, and balls

That others take time not only to read this blog but also to respond amazes me. I prefer listening to talking; and too much attention makes me feel uncomfortable. And *obligated*. <grin>

It's painfully clear that many women who profess to be feminist haven't been able to free themselves from the sexism embedded in our culture; they don't really know themselves to be the equal of men; they haven't taken feminism into their heart.

Blog talk earlier about engagement rings and Valentine's Day flowers is an example. Is the ring a token of affection or a mark of ownership? If it's a token of affection, then surely the gift should be mutual--rings or some other item for both. How can it be right for only one person in the relationship to be *expected* to gift the other? Same thing with that trumped-up holiday, Valentine's Day.

Another example is some women's acceptance and adoption of sexist language. What I see is women posturing about being equal to or better than any man, and then being validated by being accepted as one of the guys. Pfft.

It don't work like that. At the end of the day, you're still a woman, and you're still second class, and you're leaving this mess for your daughters and sons.


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