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Not just blogs

Newspapers have also lost their interest for me. For the last 25 years I've read my local paper, even the back issues when I return from vacation.

Ha! I'm on vacation all the time now. For weeks the papers stack up until I can bring myself to skim them. The largest stack held seven weeks of papers.

Jeanne captured the feeling I used to have:

"The article took me hours to read, because I couldn't take more than a short bit at I time, but felt obligated to know what was in it, and to let each horror sink in. It was the only news I managed to read yesterday, not only because it was hard to take, but because after reading that, there didn't seem to be anything else in the world worth knowing about."

I guess I'm more cynical, or too selfish, or better numbed, than Jeanne. I can't even stir myself to be interested in much besides the comics.


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