des femmes

des femmes, defamed...

Eye candy for the fiber artists

I happened upon these sites and thought some of the people who knit and embroider might appreciate some gorgeous examples of textile arts.

And here's an article about fabrics found at archeological sites:
Discovery and study of ancient fabrics provide clues to life in ages past
[via Fusion Reaction]

Links pruned, links grafted

Cleaning up my blogroll, I noticed a lot of people haven't posted since just after the U.S. election. Guess I wasn't alone in wanting to just not think about the impending annihilation of the world as we know it. [grin]

Some links I removed because their mix changed; I want the links to focus on women, and male contributors disturb the balance. Other links were removed because the page didn't display properly in my browser or the flashing graphics hurt my eyes.

I added a few more links, too. Not all are progressive or liberal or feminist; I like to be reminded now and then that other people may have different views.

And I learned something new about LiveJournal: All journals on LiveJournal have both an RSS and an Atom feed.