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The politics of economics

The Blogosphere's invisible women explain the Ownership Society, presented in suggested reading order.

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What's wrong with saying Ann Coulter dresses like a skank?

John Aravosis of AMERICAblog says:

"Ann Coulter, Miss Conservative, always dresses in public like she wants to get fucked, right then and there. As someone who makes her living off of launching personal attacks on others, it's fair game to ask why Coulter panders to her conservative fan base by dressing like such a skank? She appeals to them with sex, when I thought that was a big no-no on their side of the aisle. Not to mention, for someone so highly critical of others for being supposed intellectual fakes, you have to wonder about a chick who relies on T&A to sell her ideas."

Chiming in with insults would be so easy. Why on earth should I care what anyone says about Ann Coulter? She sure as hell would never stand up for me, a corn-fed, no make-up, natural fiber, no-bra needing, sandal-wearing, hirsute, somewhat fragrant hippie chick pie wagon.

I care because too many people take these underlying assumptions as truth:

  • She has only her looks to sell.
    Coulter sells the same thing Rush Limbaugh does. If he doesn't have to rely on his looks, why think that she must?


  • A woman never wears certain styles just because they're fashionable or comfortable.
  • A woman should never wear clothing that reveals her sexuality unless she wants sex.
  • A woman wearing clothing that shows she wants sex can't complain when someone gives it to her.
  • Specifically, women who wear leather, miniskirts, or high heels are skanks; they're sexually promiscuous--immoral, lewd, whorish--and panting for sex with anyone.
    Do I need to explain how offensive these beliefs are? Women don't plan every single thing they do just for men, and a short skirt isn't an automatic invitation.

You know what's amazing? Those guys with half their cracks showing, their nipples poking out through holes in their T-shirts, and their bellies hanging out over their pants--no one ever thinks they're sexually promiscuous just because they show a little skin when they go out in public.

Women, looks count louder than actions

Shaula Evans posted at Blogging of the President about Sarah McLachlan's video, World On Fire. After reading a story on the Engineers Without Borders Web site, McLachlan and her production company donated the $150,000 production budget to projects like running a street children's hospital in India for a year, schooling for 100 street children in Tanzania, and education for 200 students in Ethiopia.   "The only production expense was $15, the cost of a Sony mini DV tape."

What kind of comments did people men post? "The amount of money wasted on ephermeral crap is astounding." ... "This is a very nice video, but it's consumer politics." ... "So instead of feeding the children of her postproduction company's office manager's secretary, she fed somebody somewhere else." ... "I think the $15 is on poor Sarah's face, though. Man."

And then there's the man who, seeing the poster of the three girls who say yes to boys who say no, said: "Yuck. Between those gals and the Army, I'd pick the Army."

Women, the spoils of war

Girls say yes.
A Vietnam-era antiwar poster promises: "Girls say yes to boys who say no."
via Matt Stoller at Blogging of the President

Their fathers say yes for them.
Women in northern Iraq are being forced to marry foreign fighters.

Women who said yes now told no by the government.
U.S. soldiers cannot obtain abortions through their military medical care, even if they're raped. Women serving in countries where abortion is illegal, like Iraq, not only have to pay for their medical care but also travel outside the country to get it.
Sign a petition asking Congress to lift the ban.
via Jeanne at Body and Soul and Willow at

Friday phallus blogging

I thought every English major knew baseball bats are obvious phallic symbols.
via Majikthise

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