des femmes

des femmes, defamed...

Blind loyalty

And media girl too...

"If BBA weren't started by Shakespeare's Sister, I'd agree with you."

NO ONE gets a free pass. That special privileges shit is an earmark of bullies and people who think they're better than anyone else.

Doesn't every living person deserve the right to be considered as a rational creature and not a body part?

What the hell is someone who professes feminism doing equating fortitude with testicles? At my most charitable I might call it short-sighted and foolhardy. I like the words traitorous and cowardly better.

To follow along with this "balls" mindset, we women will bargain away all our rights to control pregnancy, too, because we have to do whatever it takes to get the chimp out of the White House. And if it means giving up hope, well... It's not like we were ever considered more than walking pleasure boxes.

Blonde disloyalty

Perhaps I was unclear in my earlier post. Certainly Teresa didn't seem to understand my meaning, that the hostile language in the blogs of people supposedly on the side of truth and justice drove me away from reading blogs for several months.

"First, I was pissed off at the time."

So being angry excuses certain language. It's okay--if I'm pissed off--to call people names, even people who aren't the object of my anger, and even though using that name continues a vicious stereotype.

"Second, I'm a blonde"

Lack of self-respect isn't permission to slander others.

"Third, if you think that's 'ugliness,' and that it's aimed at you ... sheesh."

Fucking believe it's aimed at me, large and multitudinous.

Teresa must know she's in the wrong--I just don't buy that she's not perceptive enough to see how insulting her "blonde" remark was--but she refuses to admit it. Down goes another icon.

Roses, rings, and balls

That others take time not only to read this blog but also to respond amazes me. I prefer listening to talking; and too much attention makes me feel uncomfortable. And *obligated*. <grin>

It's painfully clear that many women who profess to be feminist haven't been able to free themselves from the sexism embedded in our culture; they don't really know themselves to be the equal of men; they haven't taken feminism into their heart.

Blog talk earlier about engagement rings and Valentine's Day flowers is an example. Is the ring a token of affection or a mark of ownership? If it's a token of affection, then surely the gift should be mutual--rings or some other item for both. How can it be right for only one person in the relationship to be *expected* to gift the other? Same thing with that trumped-up holiday, Valentine's Day.

Another example is some women's acceptance and adoption of sexist language. What I see is women posturing about being equal to or better than any man, and then being validated by being accepted as one of the guys. Pfft.

It don't work like that. At the end of the day, you're still a woman, and you're still second class, and you're leaving this mess for your daughters and sons.