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Child Pimp and Ho Costumes a hoax

I owe Brands On Sale an apology--the costumes are a hoax. I spent a wonder-filled hour* looking at their other costumes and believe the company's disavowal: the child's red pimp suit is similar to the toddler zoot suit, and the child ho costume is the same as the flapper costume.

Finding out the costumes are a hoax made me giddy with relief; our society isn't corrupt enough to openly prostitute our children. Yet it was so easy to believe these costumes are real products. Imagine your own Deep Thought here.

What convinced me the company wasn't selling pimp costumes was this child's cheap firefighter costume that includes a cheap yellow & red plastic coat, and this child's spoiled brat girl costume with designer-inspired suit, matching pillbox hat, and marabou trim purse.

*Who would have known so many people torture their cats and dogs? Oh, the humiliation. The hoaxer struck here as well: pimp suit costume for dogs.


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