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Pleasantly ignorant

Josh Marshall says:

"I've been pleasantly surprised that I've only received one email taking me to task over the use of the phrase 'bitch slap' to describe the meta-message behind the sort of attack politics Republicans are practicing today against John Kerry. I'm not indifferent to the coarse connotations of the phrase. But I believe that in such trying times as these precision of meaning trumps political correctness or delicacy of phrasing."

Rhino shit. Citing "political correctness" is how people deflect any criticism of their rudeness. They mask their hostility by claiming to speak plainly. I don't know how the PC meme got started, but its reasoning parallels the sliming of the word "liberal."

Further on he says:

"No one believes that any of the protests scheduled for the Republican convention are sanctioned by the Democratic party. Indeed, far from it -- if for no other reason than that implied in the article. Namely, that any violence or ugly scenes or anything really will tend to help the president, rather than hurt him."

Sounds pleasantly naive to me. Of course people will believe the Democrats are behind any protests! Even without the media telling them so (and the media will), lots of people already know Democrats hate America and will do anything they can to disgrace our flag!


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