des femmes

des femmes, defamed...

No, I don't have to pardon you

Josh Marshall keeps on:

"President Bush isn't even man enough to answer a straight question about these Swift Boat ads. (You'll have to pardon my antiquated and gendered language. But I'm not sure English has any more presentable way to convey the same meaning.)"

That's because everyman knows a woman...

  • lacks the spine
  • lacks the character
  • lacks the integrity
  • lacks the backbone
  • lacks the grit
  • lacks the guts
  • lacks the soul
  • lacks the heart
  • lacks the depth of character
  • lacks the strength of character
  • lacks enough character
  • has too little character
  • lacks the honor
  • has too little honor
  • lacks the dignity
  • lacks the fortitude
  • lacks the honesty
  • cares too little for truth
  • lacks the decency
  • has too little decency
  • lacks the human decency
  • lacks the rectitude
  • lacks the courage
  • lacks the ethics
  • lacks the ethical strength
  • lacks the moral strength
  • lacks enough sense of self
  • lacks enough pride
  • has too little self-respect
  • isn't adult enough
  • lacks the maturity answer a straight question.

And more:

"(Talk about being someone's ... well, you get the idea.)"

Unfortunately. Can you get my disgust?


Blogger Robert said...

Right on!

August 22, 2004 2:09 PM  

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