des femmes

des femmes, defamed...

My tiny nonexistent sword

Time for a break, I thought, and allowed myself to check newsfeeds.

Not such a good idea. From Digby at Hullabaloo:

"And, like the good Republicans they are, they then sniffle like little girls about how unfair it is that they are getting the same treatment they so enthusiastically mete out to to others."


I love reminders that, no matter how much I might seem to have in common with someone, I'll always be one of the wimpy swordless ones.


Blogger Shaula Evans said...

...I'll always be one of the wimpy swordless ones.Swords come in many shapes and sizes... ;)

Hey, I'm delighted to make the acquaintance of someone who can use the word "synecdoche" correctly, let alone use it in a discussion of politics and language.

I've been out of the academic world for a long time now (the only place where I've seen the destructive, exclusive power of language really taken seriously), and I'm sloppy with this myself at this point.

Outside of the purview of your post, but I am likewise horrified at the pervasiveness of sports and military metaphors in American English--the language of aggression (and testosterone).

I've used phrases in my political life like, "I feel like I'm 8 1/2 months pregnant" to describe that feeling of excitement and dread when the curtain is about to go up on a project I've been working on for a long time...tends to get VERY interesting reactions.

August 25, 2004 10:39 AM  

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