des femmes

des femmes, defamed...

Back on track

Focus. This blog is not about U.S. politics or feminism in general, but about the specific instances where I see women treated dismissively.

Seeing these casual unremarked insults dismays me; the insults are coming from the liberal side. Without anyone protesting, cowards are called "pussies" and denigrated as being "little girls." I'm starting to understand why some women, even though they detest Bush, refuse to support the Democratic candidate. Why bother voting? One party's just like another.

Is there any possibility these people are unaware they're using femaleness as the ultimate insult? What about "bitch slap"--is there any doubt that phrase reduces women to nameless punching bags?

Do I really need to explain why these insults are wrong? Mimicking how the other side thinks is a poor excuse: when you use their terms you're allowing them to set the rules.


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