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Political correctness, my foot

Some responses to Matt Stoller's The Woman Blogging Thing caught my eye.

Ellen Dana Nagler said:

"Feminism was for a time reduced to fighting the political correctness wars (which I see from Matt's link that Desfemmes is still doing), and that's when it would have lost me, if it had found me or I it in the first place."

Camille Roy said:

"I started with the usenet groups back in the eighties because I've been a software engineer for almost 20 years. Back then I was capable of hurt feelings as a result of rough language. I guess I just got over it in the intervening years. (You can too!) You pay to play - with a hardened skin."

I'm going to repeat it until my tongue swells up and turns black: "Political correctness" is a term used to devalue civility and give excuse for insulting others under the guise of being plain-spoken.

Rough language isn't the fucking issue. Using "pussy" for "coward" is far more than rough language: it's language that intentionally marks a class of people--women--as weak, inferior, and bad.

These "liberal" people whose posts anger me don't use raghead, kike, nigger, chink, wop, faggot--words that might apply to men. They use words that specifically target women, and their name-calling is a standard technique of establishing psychological control. If they won't even pretend to be nonsexist, you can kiss wage equity goodbye.


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